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Our Warranty

*No refunds what-so-ever on bird purchases.

*In order to exchange any bird, it must have been examined by a qualified veterinarian within 72 hours of the purchase and the veterinarian must provide a written statement with the phrase that this animal is “unfit for sale” and this statement must be presented along with the bird within 24 hours of the examination.

*Acceptance of the bird means that the owner is pleased with its condition and has read & understood the terms of this warranty document.

*Any deposits paid on birds are non refundable for any reason what-so-ever.


Any bird cannot be taken until it has been fully paid for and must be taken within 120 days from the date of the sales agreement. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of all money paid and the resale of the bird to a new and different buyer. All sales are FINAL and any deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, and there are NO EXCHANGES of birds for any reason other than those outlined below under “Exchanges For Health Reasons”.

Our LIMITED WARRANTY is designed to give you “peace-of-mind” when purchasing an “expensive” pet and to demonstrate our willingness to help you share in the cost of replacing a bird that has died through no fault of your own.

In the unfortunate event that your bird dies within a XX period from the date of purchase (MM/DD/YYYY), we will REPLACE it at “Wholesale Cost” to you.

In order to qualify for this warranty we REQUIRE that you DO THE FOLLOWING: (1) Present the body of the bird to us in good enough condition to have it examined by our veterinarian in order to determine the cause of its death. We WILL PAY for this examination, but failure to provide the body, or providing a body in such poor condition that it cannot be examined will render this warranty null and void. (2) If the examination reveals that the bird died for reasons other than “abuse” and/or “neglect” we will honor this warranty. However, if the cause of death was “abuse” and/or “neglect” we will not honor this warranty. (3) We will provide you with a written statement of our decision in either case, and, should we have to deny your claim we will also provide you with the veterinarian’s statement that caused us to reach that decision. (4) In honoring this warranty we will provide you with a copy of the breeder’s invoice and require that that you pay only the wholesale cost of the bird. We will pay all other charges & costs associated with its replacement and the replacement bird will carry the same limited warranty as its original.


It is not our intention to sell you a sick bird, but from time to time it’s possible that this can happen, because birds can hide illnesses very well.

It is your responsibility to have your bird examined by a qualified avian veterinarian within 72 HOURS of purchase. Failure to do so voids this part of our warranty. If the veterinarian finds that your bird is ill, and you want to exchange it for a different bird, you must ask your veterinarian to write us a brief note stating the nature of the illness and incorporating the phrase that this bird is “unfit for sale”. This letter must be delivered to us within 24 hours of the examination. Upon receiving the bird and the veterinarians’s letter, we will replace the bird with another one of the same kind as soon as we can obtain one. IN NO CASE WILL WE ACCEPT ANY BIRD BACK THAT HAS BEEN OFF OUR SITE PAST 96 HOURS (FOUR DAYS) from the sales agreement date.


We are willing and able to answer any and all questions pertaining to your bird and we welcome your telephone calls regarding its care and behavior, no matter how “silly” you may think that they are. In short, we are here to HELP YOU in any way we can, so don’t hesitate to call us if we can be of service to you.

We do caution you that many well-thinking, but poorly informed people freely give advice that is contrary to your bird’s best interest. Be careful in following any advice that contradicts what we share with you. The final choice on whom you decide to listen to is up to you, but we assure you that our inteest is only in you and your new bird.


The undersigned has read and fully understands the conditions of this warranty document in its entirity and agrees to abide by them.

The undersigned is pleased with the condition of the bird purchased at RHODA’S PARROTS.

Thank you for choosing RHODA’S PARROTS to purchase your new companion bird. We shall do our best to live up to the confidence you have placed in us.