Happy Customers & Their Parrots!

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Chris & Michelle from Atlantic City, NJ

I bought my first bird, a green-wing macaw. I haven't seen a more beautiful or healthier bird in my entire life. Cookie, our bird, was taken care of and imprinted with love since the very first day we met him. Rhoda's care for all her birds is outstanding! She treats her birds as individuals and cares for them as if they were her children.

Chrissy from Longport, NJ

When we adopted O'Malley we were not quite sure what to expect. I am so glad Rhoda suggested a young Solomon Island Eclectus to add to our family. She was so kind and patient and answered all my questions. She truly loves the birds and wants the perfect fit for all involved.

Paul, Jody, Stephen & Renee from Cherry Hill, NJ

We want to thank you for our additional family member, Freddy (Romeo). He has adjusted quite well. He is a very spoiled bird. He eats breakfast and dinner at the table with us, and sits on the couch with the rest of the family. Once again, thank you, we'll keep you updated!

Vicki from Cherry Hill, NJ

I just wanted to send this picture of the Rosey Bourke ( Dixy Rose ) and Daughter, Brittany. They bonded immediately and Britt was sooo surprised. Dixy adapted easily and gets plenty of time out of the cage. She loves to run around on the floor after a reasonable amount of time on the hand. She is a welcome addition to the household. She is so sweet!! We'll keep in touch.

Mike from Smyrna, DE

My Orange-Winged parrot (Sonny) is doing just fine. He has to be the center of attention. He's learned to whistle and is working on a few words - Hello and Goody. He is still very tame, thanks to a good start by you.