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Why A Parrot?

Parrots are beautiful, intelligent and affectionate creatures that can tremendously enrich the lives of their owners. No other creature can mimic the human voice and speak with the understanding also. Parrots can become extremely affectionate and loyal to their owners. They are very social and love human interaction – most parrots can learn to do tricks […]

African Grey Profile

The best talkers tend to be African Greys. These birds love to imitate electronic sounds, like the phone and the Internet dial up.  They can also call the dog, and other family members, and then laugh when they come running!  These are shy, often one-person birds that thrive in a controlled environment – they do […]

Which Parrot Is For Me?

In the following species profiles, we make GENERALIZATIONS about the different species and their attributes – please remember that each bird is its own unique individual personality – just like you and I.   Any bird can, and will bite, if they are frightened, if they don’t want to be bothered at that particular moment, […]

Safety Tips For Parrots And Their Toys

Parrots need a variety of toys for both mental and physical stimulation. Here are some guidelines to follow to keep your parrot happy, healthy and safe. Hopefully, we all know that parrots both need and enjoy a variety of toys for mental and physical stimulation.  There are, however, certain pitfalls that need to be avoided.  […]