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About Rhoda’s Parrots

Rhoda’s Parrots is a small, in-home business located off of Rt. 557 in the town of Dorothy in Southern New Jersey. It was ‘hatched’ in 1995 as a result of a life-long love and fascination with parrots — or birds of any kind, for that matter! I find the variety of parrots, their beauty and individual personalities, along with their affectionate natures to be irresistible.

I have had parrots all my life — beginning with a wonderful blue parakeet named Joy — who loved people and could talk as clearly as you and I. Now I have a 15 year old Blue Front Amazon whose name is Chico. Chico will share my tea, take naps with me, and sit on my shoulder while I work at the computer. She is a true companion — and she knows it, because she will call me (Rhoda! Rhoda!!!) when she thinks that she’s not getting enough attention.

It is my hope that everyone who shares their life with these special creatures will derive as much enjoyment from them as I do! :–))

We hope that you can visit us!