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Which Parrot Is For Me?

In the following species profiles, we make GENERALIZATIONS about the different species and their attributes – please remember that each bird is its own unique individual personality – just like you and I.


Any bird can, and will bite, if they are frightened, if they don’t want to be bothered at that particular moment, or if they are distracted from doing what they want to do – such as, taking a nap, destroying your brand-new furniture, or playing with your necklace, earrings, etc. (Birds are mightily attracted to shiny, glittery objects – and, yes, they can distinguish between the different colors).


ALL parrots make some degree of noise – some more, some less. Find out from a reliable source what you can expect to hear – all birds are definitely created equal in this regard! All parrots have the capability to talk – but not all will. This is an individual thing, dependent to a large degree on how much effort you put into teaching them, and whether they want to talk or not. Parrots talk when they are happy and when they feel contented and safe in their environment.


Parrots are long-lived – many will outlive their owners, so do your homework and educate yourself BEFORE you decide that you must own one of these beautiful, complex creatures.

Available Specie Profiles:

  1. African Grey
  2. Amazon
  3. Cockatoo
  4. Macaw
  5. Eclectus
  6. Caique
  7. Cockatiel / Parakeet


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